deer head canvas

DIY Glitter Deer Head Canvas

deer head canvas

What I used:
Deer head template printed on card stock
•Painter’s tape
•Red paint
•Green paint
•Paint brush
•X-acto knife
•11 x 14 canvas


First I taped the two canvases where I didn’t want the green paint to show up. You’ll notice I later changed my mind on the one with vertical stripes.



I had to do a couple of coats because my brush was making the paint a little streaky. I let the paint dry over night before removing the tape. After I painted the green, I re-taped the canvases where I didn’t want the red to show up.



After peeling the tape off the second time, I noticed that some paint had bled onto the white stripes. I just used some nail polish remover and a cotton swab to clean it up.

Using the x-acto knife, I cut the deer head template out of the card stock, then traced the deer head onto the dried canvases.


Using a cotton swab, I spread a thin layer of glue within the traced deer head. This was probably the worst part, but the glitter needs something to stick to! You have to move quickly, but once you’ve spread all the glue, pour a thick layer of glitter on top of it. Then pat the glitter down to assure you’ve covered the entire deer! Lay the canvases flat to dry, then hang your masterpiece before the family arrives!



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